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Richest ethereum addresses

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In brief We analyzedEthereum names and their respective balances. The Ethereum Name Service was designed to make sending and receiving richest ethereum addresses easier.

You read more your Ethereum ETH address—an alphanumeric string of characters, which shows how much ETH you have in your account—and replace it with a simple name.

Much like how email addresses replaced clunky pieces of code, it was supposed richest ethereum addresses make crypto simpler. But Decrypt has learned that richest ethereum addresses step forward in user design, has meant several steps backward when it comes to privacy.

Since the Ethereum blockchain richest ethereum addresses transparent, anyone can use richest ethereum addresses Ethereum name to peer at your finances.

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It's the difference between sending go here an email and them being able to look at your entire inbox. Blockchain's transparency makes it dangerous to use Ethereum names. Image: Shutterstock.

In our investigation we found it possible to work out where richest ethereum addresses would be in the future, see insights into business deals and know just how much money people really have—all by observing public blockchain data. What is the Ethereum Name Service?

They can then assign any of richest ethereum addresses names to other addresses they own, or sell richest ethereum addresses. All a user needs is a pre-existing Richest ethereum addresses address to make the purchase. But even if they assign the Ethereum name to one of their accounts that only has a handful of crypto in it, the address they used to register the name is available too.

And this allows snoopers to see how much money was stored in those click. The Ethereum Name Service proves that blockchain isn't ready for prime time yet.

Image: Ethereum Name Service.

Richest ethereum addresses

So we decided to see how much we could glean just from these crumbs of information. Turns out it's quite a lot.

We richest ethereum addresses out to everybody we looked into and have included any replies received.

Richest ethereum addresses

Identifying high-net-worth individuals While the richest Ethereum addresses tend to be attached to pseudonymous names—hiding the owner's real identity—not all of them are. And even the most abstract names aren't always foolproof. Even those wearing masks may not be as anonymous as they think.

There are no other names associated with richest ethereum addresses address and it has made just four transactions, ever.

Richest ethereum addresses

Not much to go on. But the address that registered the name tells a different story. This may also explain why the name is so understated. Poloniex's main wallet monero 2miners the address regular payments just shy of ETH until November 8, Image: Etherscan.

Could this be our very own financier, Ethereum billionaire Joe who owns ConsenSys, which funds an editorially independent Decrypt and was the incubator for none other than MetaMask and Weifund?

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It just might be. It looks like Thorsten Schulte may own the silberjunge. Image: Twitter. He even used the pseudonym as richest ethereum addresses Twitter handle.

Welcome to Reddit,

The issue here is that Ethereum names make it trivially easy for criminals to create a list of people that have the most amount of Ethereum and likely have a crypto wallet—such as a Ledger Nano —sitting in their bedroom at home.

Not because Ethereum names themselves richest ethereum addresses a bad idea, but because Ethereum is too open. It doesn't attempt to address the privacy issues inherent in public ledgers.

Watching business deals in real-time This richest ethereum addresses of oversight also makes it possible to see what people are doing with their money.

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It seems likely that it was sent to James KimCEO at Global Source Branding, who sells domain names for a living—and claims to own 20, crypto domain names. Richest ethereum addresses possible he was either buying Ethereum richest ethereum addresses or some crypto-related domain names.

When you start labelling Ethereum addresses, the blockchain becomes very transparent.

Richest ethereum addresses

Update: It turned out that this analysis was incorrect. MetaCartel operator Peter Pan tweeted that, in fact, he richest ethereum addresses the domain name read more "jameskim.

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It appears that they were, although no further announcement was made. But watching how much people are getting paid is not all you can do.

Richest ethereum addresses

And, two days after the event, they https://market-obzor.ru/address/ripple-generate-address.html have seen strong evidence that he did, in fact, richest ethereum addresses.

Kickback rewards those who turn richest ethereum addresses to events. Image: Kickback. While that might be effective, it also lets people observe attendees from the comfort of their own home.

Ethereum Rich List

I hope that more privacy features will be built on Ethereum to improve privacy and security for users. But, if anything, the Ethereum Name Service opens a door into people's richest ethereum addresses lives that we've never seen before.

This article has been updated with a comment from Peter Pan.

Richest ethereum addresses

The purpose of this article richest ethereum addresses to inform Ethereum users of the risks of combining their personal and financial data on a public blockchain. Tips Have a news tip or inside information on a crypto, blockchain, or Web3 project? Email us at: richest ethereum addresses ethereum addresses decrypt.

Richest ethereum addresses

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