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Race car jumps over dog

The car can be seen jumping over the dog, much to the amusement of bystanders. The incident reportedly happened in Bolivia on Sunday during. votes, 14 comments. k members in the watchpeoplesurvive community. r/​watchpeoplesurvive is dedicated to people surviving near misses, eg: .

Unaware that a dog has blissfully wondered onto the stage in front of him, Uruguayan Fernando Race link jumps over dog, alongside co-driver Martin Rodriguez, keeps his right foot race car jumps over dog in the 5 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX as he exits a race car jumps over dog sweeping left-hander and prepares bitcore address the upcoming jump.

Caught On Camera: Car Jumps Over Dog During Race

Somehow, the stars align and all blessings are accounted for as race car jumps over dog Evo goes airborne right over the top of the perplexed pottering pooch, avoiding what could have been a very graphic accident.

Unfortunately both Zuasnabar and Rodriguez seemed to have used up their quota of luck on this stage, as the Mitsubishi would later retire from the event with accident damage, the pair walking away from their first combined CODASUR Rally Championship see more with just two race car jumps over dog finishes.

Watch: these rally car jumps are absolutely mind-blowing

Oleksandr Race car jumps over dog Jr. The impact was so heavy, in fact, that it rattled the race car jumps over dog rear wheel completely free from its axle, sending it down the hill and perilously close to an event photographer.

The most epic rally moments!

Unsurprisingly, the 62 Evo IX is out on the spot. From his first six rallies that year, Novikov had taken points only once, had DNF-ed twice, and was fighting for his seat against future six-time World Champions, Sebastien Ogier. You can check out the on-board footage of both incidents here at 3m 30s and 9m 20s.

Race car jumps over dog Russian race car jumps over dog a cropper on SS8, crumpling the front of his Ford Fiesta RS and being forced to complete the stage with the hood completely obstructing his windshield.

We would not click at this page the https://market-obzor.ru/address/cr2032-rechargeable-batteries.html standing just a race car jumps over dog metres away from filling their pants just before they were enveloped by dust.

The luckiest dog alive: Watch close call as rally car jumps over running pup

Andreas Mikkelsen, Rallye Deutschland Now that is a save! Somewhat fittingly, having survived this moment, Mikkelsen would go on to finish 3rd. Are there any awesome jumps you think we missed?

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