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How to make coin crafts

how to make coin craftsHow to make a penny bowling ball, fun and unique yard art for your garden. And some people say the copper pennies repel slugs! Paint paper mache letters. Cool crafts made with pennies, learn how to make a penny tabletop, too. For DIY This DIY coin bracelet is really on point with casual OOTD's!

How to make coin crafts

Gently open and spread out the paper. Paint the tree trunk and the branches with gold tempera or poster paint.

How to make coin crafts

Do not water down the paint or add just enough water to make the paint spreadable.

The paper's crumpled surface will absorb the paint unevenly, giving it the appearance of a tree bark.

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Once the paint dries, cut out the entire how to make coin crafts trunk. Glue the tree trunk onto background paper. Red is a classic color in Chinese culture though you can choose other colors as well.

how to make coin at home

How to make coin crafts various-sized coins to use for printing the coins on the tree. Paint one side of the coin with gold poster paint or tempera paint. Place the coin, painted side down, close to a tree branch.

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Press for a few seconds how to make coin crafts transfer the paint from the coin to the how to make coin crafts. Lift the how to make coin crafts to how to make coin crafts the golden coin print.

Continue making coin prints until the tree is laden with coins. Once the paint dries, hang up the picture for lots of good luck and prosperity. More Ideas Use textured paper. If you use how to make coin crafts paper for the tree trunk, you won't need to do Steps 2 and 3.

A textured background paper also creates an interesting effect on the coin prints.

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