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Run your pool create account

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Dedicate a new account for each environment, e.

Run your pool create account

run your pool create account Unless configured differently, run your pool create account events and other server-side code inside workflows will execute in link security context of this account. When Service Account is selected as the Authentication Mode for a Service Instance, interaction with the target system will happen in the security context of this account.

Run your pool create account

If this service account's password expires, the K2 Service will not operate as expected. You may want to establish a policy where this account's password does not expire, or if it does, that the password is updated before it expires.

Run run your pool create account pool create account Account The installation account is the account used by operators to install and configure K2 on various servers in a topology A dedicated K2 Setup account is not required, but using an account that is an administrator on the system is encouraged.

Run your pool create account

Alternatively, you may install K2 while logged in as the K2 Service Account, provided that account has the necessary Required Permissions to both install and run K2. Use the same account for installing all K2 server components and use visit web page same account for subsequent K2 reconfiguration or updates.

K2 Run your pool create account Account This account run your pool create account group is used for basic administration of the K2 Server, such as setting security for the environment, accessing the K2 Management Run your pool create account, and managing a K2 environment.

Using an Administration Account, or Group, supports separation of service accounts from user continue reading.

Run your pool create account

Establish an AD Group for administrative activities that members of the group will perform on K2 components. One principal authority group may run your pool create account adequate for all areas of the K2 product suite, but it does not preclude additional separation of duties.

Run your pool create account

Consider a different authority group for each environment, i. Establish a dedicated account for all K2 web server components and application pools in a specific environment.

Run your pool create account

Name the application pool to represent its role with Run your pool create account.

K2 Designer App Pool.

How to Set Up and Use Money Pools

A custom application pool is required where Managed Pipeline mode must be set to Integrated. K2 Application Pools need to run on the.

Run your pool create account

NET Framework v4. The run your pool run your pool create account account pool identity and pool may be shared between the K2 See more and K2 Runtime web sites when the web sites are all on the same host.

Run your pool create account

If your organization wishes to https://market-obzor.ru/account/facebook-libra-pay.html a topology where additional Runtime sites will exist, additional accounts and application pools may be considered to separate run your pool create account, especially if you intend creating a dedicated Runtime site that is exposed to the internet and configured for Anonymous Access.

The K2 Service Account will need additional rights and access into SharePoint not normally assigned to service accounts in a standard SharePoint installation.

Run your pool create account

run your pool create account The SharePoint Service Account probably already exists in your environment and is already associated with your SharePoint installation.

Using the service account results in the SharePoint App user being used for all actions in SharePoint. The Installation Account is used to execute the installation and configuration for K2 for SharePoint

Run your pool create account

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