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Moneypak refund time

moneypak refund timeGreen Dot MoneyPak® FAQs · Create a Secure Login: The first time you use MoneyPak, you will need to enter your MoneyPak number and create a MoneyPak. It takes seven to 10 business days to receive MoneyPak refund checks, according to Green Dot Corporation. Consumers can request such refunds and check.

How Long Does It Take to Receive a Refund From MoneyPak?

A new and popular method is using the Green Dot MoneyPak card. Moneypak refund time one scam, the con artist impersonates an Internal Moneypak refund time Service agent, and moneypak refund time an unsuspecting victim, saying the victim owes back taxes.

To repay the debt — and moneypak refund time avoid moneypak refund time or deportation — the victim is instructed to buy a MoneyPak card and load it with cash.

Moneypak refund time

The transaction — the scam — is complete. So when Janine Cavallo, 47, contacted us about a problem her moneypak refund time mom Alberta Cavallo was having with some MoneyPak cards, we expected it moneypak refund time another swindle.

Green Dot Moneypak Reviews - Where is my damn money @Pissed Consumer

A friend in Brazil? Oh, boy. The scam alert siren rang out loud and clear.

Green Dot MoneyPak Scam - Social Experiment / PSA / WWYD

But no, Cavallo really did moneypak refund time a friend in Brazil. He was in a rural more info without access to traditional banking services moneypak refund time the nearest Western Union was more than four hours away.

moneypak refund time

Moneypak refund time

She moneypak refund time to purchase MoneyPak cards with the cash, then give the serial numbers to the friend, who would get cash from the merchant. Or, that was the plan. There was no fakery involved and the money wire was authentic.

Moneypak refund time

The problem was in the purchase of the cards, which took place on March 3. They called MoneyPak, but they were unable to get a person on the phone, they said.

Moneypak refund time

The automated voice service asked for a digit card number, but moneypak refund time cards only had 14 digits. Janine Cavallo thought the store might help. So the next day, they went online.

Moneypak refund time

Plugging in the card numbers showed they had "insufficient funds. Meanwhile, the friend was still stuck in Brazil, needing moneypak refund time money. The Cavallos filed a complaint with Consumer Affairs, and then they contacted Bamboozled.

Moneypak refund time

It said it would have a rep call the women. But it turned out to be a week of varying stories, excuses, non-answers and more, moneypak refund time Cavallos said.

Moneypak refund time

Instead, it took hours, the women said, and then the rep was no longer ready to send a moneypak refund time. Instead, he asked for copies of receipts for every card, plus the serial numbers.

The women sent it over, and after a review, the rep told the women the cards in question were not purchased at the stores indicated moneypak refund time the receipts, they said.

Bamboozled: $3,000 missing in Green Dot MoneyPak transactions, mom and daughter fight for refund

He never called me back. By moneypak refund time it was Friday, and finally, in the afternoon, the rep called.

Moneypak refund time

She then moneypak refund time the local police department, which told her the incident was fraud, she said. So she called the rep again, but an assistant answered. Alberta Cavallo said she deposited the checks into her account, and then she sent moneypak refund time funds to her friend in Brazil via Western Union.

Moneypak refund time

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Moneypak refund time

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