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Hashr8 podcast

hashr8 podcastListen to HASHR8 Podcast on Spotify. HASHR8 Podcast is your weekly update on bitcoin, cryptocurrency, mining, and new tech - featuring conversations with. HASHR8 Podcast is your weekly update on bitcoin, cryptocurrency, mining, and new tech - featuring conversations with Blockchain Industry leaders. During.

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Hashr8 podcast

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Whit Gibbs: Hashr8 podcast everyone, welcome to the Hashr8 Podcast. Today, Blockstack supports independent developers and hosts over decentralized applications. Recently, he was named one of the most important hashr8 podcast in crypto. Muneeb, welcome.

Muneeb Ali: Absolutely. Really excited to be here. Whit Gibbs: Well, we are excited to have you.

Hashr8 podcast

I appreciate you making this time hashr8 podcast talk with us. We have a lot to discuss, some questions to fire away.

This is I think going to hashr8 podcast one of the most exciting conversations that hashr8 podcast have had on the Hashr8 Podcast because what you guys are doing at Blockstack is very exciting. I think a great place for us to start would be to talk about that project hashr8 podcast and article source you were researching and how hashr8 podcast has grown into what Blockstack is today.

Hashr8 podcast

Muneeb Ali: Yeah, so that does hashr8 podcast like a long time ago, especially in crypto where time passes so quickly. Basically, Blockstack started at Hashr8 podcast university.

Actually, most of the early research into internet protocols came from our research community. Initially, the internet was meant to be a fully decentralized network, and over time, we started depending a lot on large companies like Google and Facebook.

Blockchains is something, or more specifically, the Bitcoin blockchain that we discovered has a very elegant solution to the kind of problems that we were looking to solve. Sometimes I joke about Blockstack as the project that escaped the research lab.

The reality behind that is that there has been a lot of hashr8 podcast in kind of like next generation internet, hashr8 podcast of like different designs that people write research papers on or even build prototypes.

But see more ideas never get commercialized. For several years, we were just building hashr8 podcast solid foundations for what stock financial lolli dan new secure or decentralized internet https://market-obzor.ru/account/bitcoin-wallet-account-in-pakistan.html look like.

Whit Gibbs: My understanding right now is that there are still components of the internet that are decentralized. Am I correct in saying hashr8 podcast Muneeb Ali: I think generally yes, a lot more consolidation happened at the application there off the internet.

Hashr8 podcast

The legacy hashr8 podcast of like DNS system. Think of it this way.

Hashr8 podcast

Muneeb Ali: Imagine Facebook Connect, for example. But the internet never had a universal login system. Same with public key infrastructure, how people get access to private public key pairs. It is infrastructure that should be available to normal internet users without depending on any company and hashr8 podcast on.

Hashr8 podcast

So all these missing holes that were there in internet protocols, we think that they should be built in a public manner on open networks instead of relying on companies.

Those problems that are learn more here, how are you guys at Blockstack solving those? I think taking a step out and just looking at things from a high level, the biggest difference between the legacy internet and a kind of like the new internet or Web 3 that a lot of projects want to build, the fundamental difference is ownership, direct ownership of assets.

These assets include cryptocurrencies hashr8 podcast they also include things like your username, any digital assets, your data. Is that a correct assessment?

The hashr8 podcast one is just public infrastructure. And all of that is available as open source to anyone who wants to use. Then comes like developer tooling. There are so many like software libraries that are available to people now who want to build applications on the cloud or in a more centralized way and we need to support a very healthy developer ecosystem.

I think still a lot more work is required to make it easy for developers to build these applications that respect user privacy what yubikey 5c nano pity actually enabled new types of functionality that was simply not possible in Web 2.

I think then the final hashr8 podcast is kind of like, what does this look like from a user perspective? What are the new mental models that users would need to learn about? How can we make the UX hashr8 podcast easy for users and give them against.

paypal business account registration suggest compelling reasons to eventually kind of like start using applications on Web 3 versus whatever they were used to on the legacy systems.

Muneeb Ali: Yeah, hashr8 podcast I think our general thinking is that the blue ocean hashr8 podcast developers right now is outside of crypto. We had to really convince these experts to move over and work on these exciting technical challenges hashr8 podcast basically convince them that this is much bigger than just like cryptocurrencies.

You are impacting the future of internet over here, and the same thing is true for developers. This is not a Blockstack thing, this is a hashr8 podcast thing, right?

Muneeb Ali: Kind of. Think of a decentralized authentication system. We heavily lean towards privacy. Muneeb Ali: There are different types of developer profiles.

Hashr8 podcast

I would say that, in general, I think the elephant in the room for crypto is hashr8 podcast the fact that so many projects have been around for such a long time. Any sophisticated engineer who takes a look at it, hashr8 podcast can tell that.


Hashr8 podcast

This is hashr8 podcast reality for a lot of products out there. Even before though, let me give a little bit of context on where we are coming from. First of all, if I think there was a highly scalable blockchain available hashr8 podcast we could just use, then we would just hashr8 podcast ahead and use it.

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We actually tried doing that. We tried building on top of Bitcoin and everyone understands what limitations Bitcoin has and for a good reason, like in the sense that, for a Bitcoin to be secure, hashr8 podcast has a limited scripting language and you cannot have like a more expressive smart contract language at the Bitcoin layer because it comes with a lot of hashr8 podcast security loopholes.

We are hashr8 podcast fundamentally not in that camp. Muneeb Ali: Basically, the kinds of things you need for a Web 3. Think of Bitcoin hashr8 podcast kind of like the reserve cryptocurrency or the blockchain hashr8 podcast is extremely secure and we are interconnecting the Stacks hashr8 podcast.

There are two crypto hashr8 podcast at play as well.


The high level idea is that instead of destroying electricity, which is what Bitcoin miners do, we look at the proof of work cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and use that to mine on hashr8 podcast stacks blockchain.

These miners, so there are two types of players into consensus algorithm. One is the stacks miners and the other is the stacks holders. They get rewarded in newly-minted stacks or transaction fees that are in stacks. These miners, instead of burning electricity, their cost is in Bitcoin, right?

Hashr8 podcast the stacks hashr8 podcast side, we have these holders of stacks cryptocurrency who are hashr8 podcast up some of their assets to participate in consensus and they also do hashr8 podcast useful work for the network.

Hashr8 podcast

What that means is, so this is very different from staking. I understand that paytm business account wallet might think that hashr8 podcast is something like staking, but there are two big differences.

Which could be something very problematic if you lost your crypto assets, because of no real fault of your own, but because you happen to be on a network partition or something. I think that leads to a very interesting interplay between two blockchains.

Whale BearMan: How do you guys utilize the proof of work of Bitcoin? This sounds like DPoS in my opinion. Muneeb Ali: Yup.

Basically, I think our main design goal is to benefit from the security of it, right? The way we do that is that because miners are sending Bitcoin transactions to participate in hashr8 podcast.

Muneeb Ali: The Stacks hashr8 podcast.

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Muneeb Ali: But those proof of work chains are usually much smaller. Whit Gibbs: How are the two correlated? Is there a deposit hashr8 podcast that needs to occur? How are the blocks correlated?

So basically think of it this way.

Hashr8 Podcast

Once Bitcoin is minted, there is some proof of work that went into hashr8 podcast, right?

Whit Gibbs: Yes. Muneeb Ali: We completely separate hashr8 podcast from that process.

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