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Purkom wow

purkom wowPurkom. This NPC can be found in Grizzly Hills. Tip: Click map to zoom. Tip: Click map to zoom. Tip: Click map to zoom. Tip: Click map. Purkom Title(s) Venture Coin Vendor Gender Female Race Orc (Humanoid) Level 74 Affiliation 1 World of Warcraft API; 2 Sylvanas Windrunner; 3 Ner'​zhul.

Purkom wow

Item Model List This page represents a section of our Transmogrification purkom wow to item models for Mages and is targeted purkom wow readers who do not have Javascript enabled or who wish to only consult the list of models for purkom wow specific slot.

This page is updated for World of Warcraft 7.

Purkom wow

Purkom wow idea is to make it easy for you to find an item with a design similar to an item set purkom wow might be trying to build. Items by model.

Transmogrification Mage Cloak Armor Item Model List (Legion 7.1)

For each item model, hovering over purkom wow image will purkom purkom wow a list of items that sport this model. The source of each item is also displayed, so that you can rapidly spot the items that are most easily obtained.

Purkom wow

How are models sorted? Models are first grouped by design all look-alike models are displayed consecutively.

Purkom wow

The page may take time to load completely, depending on the number of items to display. Purkom wow the API, purkom wow obtained an initial list of purkom wow that we subsequently refined by checking on Wowhead which items were no longer available.

Purkom wow

The item models were taken from the official World of Warcraft website.

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