- 16.02.2020

Ico 2020 conference

ico 2020 conferenceThe International Conference on Intelligent Computing & Optimization highlights the latest research innovations and applications of algorithms designed for. 3rd International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Optimization (ICO ) - Oct , G Hua Hin Resort and Mall, Hua Hin, Thailand ().

While some studies indicate that living standards can be better in urban areas compared to ico 2020 conference href="https://market-obzor.ru/2020/bitcoin-tumbler-2020.html">https://market-obzor.ru/2020/bitcoin-tumbler-2020.html, there are significant societal challenges that are exacerbated by large population growth in urban areas that have constrained resources, such as road networks, public transport, energy, water, waste management, healthcare, and so on.

Ico 2020 conference

World premature deaths related to air pollution were estimated at 4. Ico 2020 conference pollution is getting worse, with ico 2020 conference causes including a rising numbers of private cars.

Urban sprawl also remains a problem, with the effect of increasing car dependency, increasing emissions, more costly local services e.

Ico 2020 conference

Ico 2020 conference car dependency is likely to increase congestion and transport cost, and reduce quality of life. Population density and transport in urban areas also introduce problems of infectious disease ico 2020 conference, as the recent Covid epidemic has demonstrated.

Ico 2020 conference

These problems will be increasingly compounded by climate change, particularly in emergencies such as floods, fires, hurricanes, ico 2020 conference tornadoes that are becoming more frequent and more intense.

Interdependencies among food, water, transportation, energy, and health make such ico 2020 conference more dangerous for cities, and more stressful for municipalities in terms of preparedness. The first International Ico 2020 conference ico 2020 conference Transport and Smart Cities gathers researchers ico 2020 conference continue reading the world to share the latest advances in the field of Smart Cities, with a focus on Transportation.

Ico 2020 conference

We hope the pandemic situation will be controlled by ico 2020 conference year, and we will able to meet all participants in Frankfurt next September.

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