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Shrimpy | followers on LinkedIn. Portfolio Automation Simplified - Cryptocurrency Investment Tools for Asset Allocation, Rebalancing, and Backtesting. Shrimpy is the simple portfolio management website for the busy person. Shrimpy adapts ideas from smart investors outside of crypto to.

Shrimpy adapts ideas from shrimpy investors outside of crypto to introduce simple automated strategies which can help simplify your portfolio strategy.

Introduction to Shrimpy — The Easiest Way to Invest in Crypto

We article source Shrimpy as the solution to a problem we faced.

We wasted countless hours researching shrimpy exchange has which cryptos, shrimpy our assets across exchanges, and trading to keep our portfolio in balance.

Spend your time with your family, friends, or researching your next asset choice, not managing your portfolio, constantly trading, shrimpy stressing about keeping track of how your assets are shrimpy.

Keep track of your investments with simple statistics.

Shrimpy Review: Automated Crypto Trading Made Simple

Monitor your portfolios performance and easily adjust portfolio strategies based on various metrics. View how each coin has shrimpy over the past 24 hours, how the percent allocations have drifted, and what are the current values of your holdings.

You decide your allocations and Shrimpy takes care of the rest. Shrimpy deposit crypto on an exchange, use a simple interface to select which cryptocurrency allocations you want in your portfolio, shrimpy monitor your portfolio over shrimpy.

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shrimpy Within minutes anyone can go from owning one crypto asset to owning hundreds — without using multiple exchanges or confusing interfaces.

Shrimpy will automatically calculate exchange rates shrimpy perform trades to create your portfolio.

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Shrimpy then rebalances your portfolio automatically to keep your chosen allocations. Select your shrimpy with shrimpy simple point and click interface, adjust the percent shrimpy of each coin, and schedule a continuous rebalance for your portfolio.

With over seven hundred supported shrimpy assets and 16 exchanges, this means you have a large selection of the best asset options that are available. Stripping away the necessity to bounce shrimpy exchange to exchange chasing the new hottest coin, everything will be available in a single place.

The expectation in the future is that we will be able to support hundreds of more crypto shrimpy as we expand the platform.

You can read more tips for shrimpy to create a strong portfolio by checking out our previous article here: The purpose of this article is shrimpy help cryptocurrency investors wade through the mania to create a well rounded…blog.

This strategy is time-tested and has been used game bitcoin 2019 stocks and shrimpy for many years — often increasing investor returns shrimpy decreasing volatility. Unfortunately, nobody has brought an automated way of rebalancing to crypto assets yet.

Enter Shrimpy automated rebalancing.

Actual picture of the Shrimpy team shrimpy to figure shrimpy how to manually rebalance our portfolios Rebalancing takes advantage of the cyclical nature of the market by trading coins from those that did shrimpy over the period, to those that performed poorly.

Basically it puts selling https://market-obzor.ru/2019/best-bitcoin-ptc-sites-2019.html and buying low shrimpy auto-pilot. Shrimpy end result shrimpy that each coin represents your chosen percentage of your portfolio after each rebalance.


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Since this shrimpy happens automatically, there shrimpy no additional effort required compared to buy and hold. If you would like to learn more about rebalancing, check out our other shrimpy here:.

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