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Ohno satoshi 2019

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Arashi is one of the most well-known groups in Japanese show business, popular ohno satoshi 2019 only with the younger generation but article source people of all ages.

They have fans across Asia. The members have also been individually active in ohno satoshi 2019 wide range of media, including talk shows, news programs, movies, and TV dramas. Their active commitment to social activities have also earned them a reputation as national super stars.

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Their news left fans in Japan and elsewhere in Asia shocked. Breaking ohno satoshi 2019 stuns fans Arashi posted a video message on its ohno satoshi 2019 fan club website on Sunday evening. The year-old leader of Arashi, Satoshi Ohno, said in the footage that he told the other members in June that he would like to end activities as Arashi at the end of next year.

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A few hours later, the group held a news conference to explain why and how they came to the decision.

I have not tasted ordinary life since I entered ohno satoshi 2019 industry," he said openly. Most of the members ohno satoshi 2019 stunned when they heard the leader's proposal. Ohno even thought about retiring from his agency at first.

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ohno satoshi 2019 While the group could have continued their activities without Ohno, they felt ohno satoshi 2019 they weren't complete without him. I felt it was necessary to spend as much time as we needed to come up ohno satoshi 2019 a decision that everyone would be happy with," member Sho Sakurai said.

Ohno got teary-eyed when he talked about the members' efforts link find a solution that would take his wishes into consideration. Arashi's https://market-obzor.ru/2019/bitcoin-future-price-prediction-2019.html, Satoshi Ohno, said he first told the other members that he wanted to quit the band.

Shock spreads across Asia Read more after the announcement, fans took to ohno satoshi 2019 media, sparking a frenzy. But soon after the group's press conference, people were relieved to know the group was just going ohno satoshi 2019 hiatus and not breaking up.

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Chinese fans of Arashi also took to the microblogging platform Weibo. One person expressed confusion, saying that they were suddenly slapped with a two-year countdown. Another post urged the ohno satoshi 2019 to return someday.

In Taiwan, where Arashi has held concerts, local media outlets ohno satoshi 2019 the announcement as breaking news.

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The online edition of the Ohno ohno satoshi 2019 2019 Daily News ran a story with the ohno satoshi 2019, "Fans are crying," and reported that people were in a state of shock and disbelief. Stars consider stepping out of limelight Ohno's comments show how hard it is to be a star.

The 38 year old has been ohno satoshi 2019 the entertainment industry for 20 years, constantly being watched by the public and sacrificing his private life for his fans. It is natural for him to want a pause and a change of read more. Stepping out of the ohno satoshi 2019 in one's prime has become a recent trend in Japanese show business.


Ohno satoshi 2019 retirement of pop superstar Namie Amuro shocked the public, including hundreds of thousands of fans who then went on to buy tickets for her final tour in Asia last ohno satoshi 2019.

The star, who was 40 years old at the time, said she wanted to leave her fans with a memory of herself at her best. Another Japanese star, year-old Hideaki Takizawa, also retired last year, saying he will concentrate on producing and business.

Arashi is not retiring. But its leader's comments and the group's decision to suspend activities may encourage those who ohno satoshi 2019 to rethink their own career to take a break.

The Arashi members say they have no plan after With two years left, "We will do our best until the last minute," they said with a smile.

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