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Envion konkurs login

envion konkurs loginThe Swiss Cantonal Court of Zug has dissolved envion AG and ordered its liquidation. Official can be found on the liquidator's website: market-obzor.ru-​market-obzor.ru Statement by Trado/envion's founders: The purpose of the Liquidation Upgrade Program is to help all envion token holders recover as much of their fair and equal treatment for all token holders, and a higher liquidation award. Sign up. Login proceedings can be found on the liquidator's website market-obzor.ru-​market-obzor.ru

Envion konkurs login

Founder Tokens currently 5. Trustee: Peter Schott Ghyssaert Envion konkurs login Peter Schott Schott has over 30 years of experience in the real estate and finance sectors, with expertise ranging from investment banking to securitization.

Currently, Peter is Managing Director of RSI Group in Frankfurt-Wiesbaden, envion konkurs login he provides comprehensive support in connection with commercial and residential real estate investments and transactions, asset and portfolio management and optimization, financing, and debt advisory.

Envion konkurs login

Prior banking positions include managing director and head of the securitization business unit at Westdeutsche Immobilien Bank AG WestImmoas well as managing director and head of envion konkurs login treasury at Aareal Bank AG, envion konkurs login specialized commercial real estate financing banks.

Independent Management The Liquidation Upgrade Program is managed by an independent trustee with long-standing experience in envion konkurs login finance industry. The trustee will be solely responsible for the transfer, safekeeping, and distribution of funds to token holders as well as pursuance of damages claims.

Liquidation Upgrade Program

The trustee will be advised by a legal team of external international lawyers. He will make the relevant results of such legal advisory available to program members. Envion konkurs login Foundation is transparent about its operations, management, and motives.

The founders and Trado will provide any assistance requested by the trustee, but will not play any role in the management of the Liquidation Upgrade Program.


There are no costs paid by members for the services of envion konkurs login trustee. Any such award amount from the Liquidation Upgrade Program will be in addition to any award envion konkurs login distributed to you directly from the liquidator.

Envion konkurs login

ALL token holders are represented equally Everyone with EVN tokens will be represented equally whether envion konkurs login purchased tokens during the ICO, on an exchange, from a friend, or something else.

A unified front for token more info will simplify and quicken the liquidation process. Participating in the Liquidation Upgrade Program will minimize disputes between token holders envion konkurs login reduce unnecessary go here fees that lower the total amount envion konkurs login assets eligible for dispersal to token holders.

Envion konkurs login

The Liquidation Upgrade Program will advocate on behalf of all token holders to prevent time and cost consuming activities during the liquidation process or the exclusion of any token holders from the process more info any reason.

Join now Envion konkurs login Liquidation Upgrade Program invites EVN token holders to stand together and show that there is power in numbers—power to ensure a fair and equitable outcome for everyone.

If a large majority joins, then there is a higher probability that the liquidation will be over faster with envion konkurs login money wasted on envion's legal fees and other advisors during a protracted liquidation process.

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Envion konkurs login Upgrade Program members win no matter what. Who can join All token holders with envion tokens are eligible to participate, including ICO envion konkurs login who did not receive access to tokens and those who were ineligible, but not yet refunded, provided that the liquidator accepts them as creditor in the liquidation process.

Envion konkurs login

You may not be represented by more than one entity during liquidation proceedings. Help with claims The Liquidation Upgrade Program will envion konkurs login ongoing updates on its envion konkurs login as the liquidation process continues to assure EVN token holders get a fast and fair payment from the liquidator.

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This includes information about whether token holders need to take additional steps to participate in the liquidation and information about complying with all requirements of the liquidation. Join now Do not wait. Sign up now to give the Liquidation Envion konkurs login Program permission to represent before the liquidator calls a creditors' meeting.

Make sure your opinion runescape party hat price 2019 charming is heard for a speedier resolution, envion konkurs login and equal treatment for all token holders, and a higher liquidation award.

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